About Us

The Sperry Family Farm

Our farm pond, everyone loves it here. The dogs, the ducks, the humans.

We are a small family run farm in beautiful Upsate NY in the small town of Argyle located in Washington County. The farm was established in 2016 when we moved to 8 acres of land that used to be part of a larger farm years ago but had been abandoned and was overgrown with several barns in severe disrepair. Two of the barns were too far gone and we dismantled and recycled beams, siding and roofing shingles. The 2 larger barns left will be restored. We have been working on the largest, an old dairy barn since June 2018. This barn was missing full walls of siding and support beams. The beams that were left were in various stages of rot, some all the way through. We began work on the lower portion and completly re-supported and leveled the entire structure. It was then insulated and closed in with new siding, see picture below. In September of 2019 we were able to move our goat herd in, yay! We raise and sell quality ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, you can view all of them here on this site. Our goats are the pride and joy of our farm and they provide our family with delicious, clean, creamy milk used in a variety of dairy products in our home. Our milk is also used in our amazing, handcrafted good for you goat milk soap, a business that we run here on the farm. You can purchase it here on this website, just click on "Shop our Farm Store" from the menu at the top of this page!! In the future we have plans to grow our farm and will be offering fruits and vegetables grown in a sustainable manner free of pesticides and chemicals.