The Doe Barn

Doubletree APU Nutmeg




Dam: Doubletree Daiquiri

Sire: Doubletree All Puckered-Up

ADGA #D1932669

Dark Buckskin w/random white

Linear appraisal 9/19: ++VA 81 as a 2nd freshener

Danlee Joslyn


DOB: 05/01/2017

Dam: The ABFM Tanya

Sire: Doubletree Dapper Dan

ADGA #D1942569

Chamoisee with white, 

registration states tri-color

Doubletree Caramel


DOB: 05/10/2017

Dam: Echo Creek Farm Cocoa Puff

Sire: Doubletree Absolute True Blue

ADGA #D1932735

 Gold with moon spots

Linear appraisal 9/19: +A+A 81 as a 1st freshener

Doubletree Cocoa


DOB: 05/12/2017

Dam: Doubletree O'Bee

Sire: Doubletree Kenny Chesney

ADGA: D1932732

Chocolate Sundgau

Doubletree Bella


DOB: 05/17/2017

Dam: Doubletree Checkers

Sire: Doubletree Kenny Chesney

ADGA #D1932733

Gold w/ abundant white

Linear appraisal 9/19: ++V+ 82 as a 1st freshener

Doubletree COS Autumn


DOB: 05/18/2017

Dam: Doubletree Miss Kitty-Kat

Sire: Doubletree Cosmopolitan

ADGA #D1932734

Broken buckskin

Linear  appraisal 9/19: V++A 82 as a 1st freshener

SG Rebelwood DEV Sweet Disobedient AI 2*M "Obi"


DOB: 03/29/2016

Dam: Proctor Hill Farm Bittersweet

Sire: SG NC Promisedland SS Deviant

ADGA: D1803625

Cou Clair, moon spots, blue eyes

ADGA Superior Genetics Designation

USDA Elite Doe 96th percentile for milk production 8/2019

Saratoga Co Fair Open Gost Show-1st place in 3 yo class on 7/28/2019

 AR Milk star achieved in 2018 

Linear appraisal 9/19: ++V+84 as a 2nd freshener

Rebelwood PC Seven Cedars 1*M "Cedar"


DOB: 04/20/2015

Dam: The Seven Fields Farm Almond

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm HP Paycheck

ADGA: D1787803

Black/White, swiss marked with blue eyes

Saratoga County Fair Grand Champion, unrestricted leg won in 7/2018 with previous owner at Rebelwood Heritage Breeds.

AR Milk star achieved in 2018

Linear appraisal 9/19: V+E+86 as a 3rd freshener

Rebelwood O Desert ChokeCherry 1*M "Cherry"


DOB: 05/01/2015

Dam: Desertnanny BR Molly

Sire: SG NC Promisedland Odyssey

ADGA: D1794698

Black with swiss marks, random white

 AR Milk star achieved in 2018 

Dragon Den Dairy Toast aka "Toast"


DOB: 01/31/18

Dam: Old Mountain Farm Heithrun

Sire: Pretty Penny YES Rico Kaboom

ADGA #D1930286

Chamoisee w/random white, blue eyes

Saratoga County Fair 4th in her age class 7/28/2019

**Will update photo soon**

Dolly's Dwarfs Ginger Snap aka "Ginger"


 DOB: 04/22/1018

Dam: Doubletree APU Nutmeg

Sire: Farfetched Asterion

ADGA #D1948177

Light buckskin

Dolly's Dwarfs Little Blessing " Bess"


DOB: 05/10/2019

Dam: Doubletree COS Autumn

Sire: Farfetched Asterion

ADGA: D2032363

Dark Buckskin

**Will update photo soon**

Dolly's Dwarfs Burnt Sugar "Sugar"


DOB: 04/10/2019

Dam: Doubletree Caramel

Sire: Farfetched Asterion

ADGA: D2032362

Chocolate with white poll and tail tip

Dolly's Dwarfs Sterling Silver "Sterling"


DOB: 08/15/2019

Dam: Doubletree Bella

Sire: Duagywn SC Millenium Falcon

ADGA: to be registered

Silver with brown eyes