ADGA Performance Programs

Our farm is now enrolled in performance programs through ADGA with the goal to learn and improve our herd's conformation and milk production. Our herd will have their first linear appraisal completed on all eligible herd members in September 2019. Our does also began DHIR milk testing in May 2019. This program tracks how much milk each one produces through monthly weights. A milk sample is then sent to a lab where the quality and content of the milk is tested. This program allows does to earn recognition for her performance in the milk pail. 

A buck is also able to earn recognition based on his dam and his daughters performance.

Please visit "The Man Cave" and "The Ladies Lair" to see individual information and a picture of each member of our herd including a link to their ADGA pedigree

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Duagwyn SC Millenium Falcon
Duagwyn SC Millenium Falcon


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