Herd Health and Management

Our herd is carefully managed to the best of our ability to ensure healthy, productive and happy animals. We spend countless hours with them observing their natural behaviors so that we will notice when one is not feeling well and be able act quickly to provide necessary care. The goal of our breeding program is to raise high quality animals with great conformation but who can also put milk in the pail too!

Our does are fed a mixture of Poulin dairy goat grain, Blue Seal E-Z Pels, alfalfa pellets, rolled oats and black oil sunflower seeds on the milking stand. Our does also have Sweelix loose minerals, North Atlantic Kelp and sodium bicaronate all available free choice. 

High quality hay and fresh water is available to them 24/7. 

Our Bucks are fed a mixture of Blue Seal dairy goat grain, Blue Seal E-Z Pels, timothy hay pellets, rolled oats, black oil sunflower seeds. The bucks grain contains ammonium chloride which is an essential ingredient to help prevent or help break up urinary crystals which could form and cause a blockage. Our bucks also have Sweetlix loose mineral and sodium bicarbonate available free choice. High quality hay and fresh water is available to them 24/7. 

Monthly each animal gets a once over where their hooves are trimmed, FAMACHA is checked and their body condition is scored. All animals are assessed for signs of copper deficiency and are given copper boluses on an as needed basis. All animals have a health record that is updated as needed and follows the animal to their new home, including all of our kids. Fecal samples are sent twice a year and as needed to manage illness and  internal parasites, animals are only dewormed when necessary to help prevent parasite resistance in our herd. 

Our herd is tested annually and was negative for CAE and Johnne's in September 2019.


ADGA Performance Programs

Our farm is an ADGA Plus Performance herd for 2020. All of our freshened does will be on Standard milk test this year. The herd will also participate in it's second year of linear appraisal, all eligible animals including bucks will be appraised. This year 3 of our bucks will also have their DNA recorded.