The Sperry Family Farm

Located in idyllic Argyle, the Sperry Family Farm is a beautiful eight-acre parcel in the heart of Washington County. Once a part of larger farm which was found by the Sperry family in a derelict state, the Sperry Family Farm was built right up from the shambles of a large, unkempt piece of land. With generous investments from our hard-earned savings, our time, and many long days and nights, we were able to revive the Sperry Family Farm and will finish with two fully-functional barns complete with new roofing shingles, beams, and siding.
We have been working on the largest old dairy barn since June 2018, working our way through renovating sections of the barn that were in various stages of rot. Starting from the foundation, we completely re-supported and leveled the lower portion of the barn, finishing off by insulating and closing it in with new siding. After months of hard work, we were finally able to move in our goat herd in September 2019. Seeing our herd frolicking about in the freshly renovated Sperry Family Farm was an emotional moment which only further bolstered our passion and commitment to making and selling organic farm fresh products directly to you.
We raise and sell quality ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, you can view all of them here on this site. Our goats are the pride and joy of our farm and they provide our family with delicious, clean, creamy milk used in a variety of dairy products in our home. Our milk is also used in our amazing, handcrafted good for your goat milk soap, a business that we run here on the farm.
Our future intentions are directed at expanding our farm and offering a wide variety of fruits and vegetables grown in a sustainable manner free of pesticides and chemicals.